Thanks to our generous Benefactors we are able to continue and expand the unique educational and artistic activities of Nomina Rosae Foundation.

Together we contribute to keeping, creating and promoting of Polish cultural heritage. Together we teach young people to perceive important interdependencies of history, culture and art and to draw the inspiration from the past to bring ethics and beauty into our contemporary life.

Conscientiously we construct the Temple of History, that will help us take good care of our historical roots as well as of our harmonious future based on dialogue, need for beauty and openness towards the world of today and challenges it presents us with.

It is your support that allowed us to create the Labyrinth of History programme, it is thanks to you that exhibitions of early garments and costumes were created as well as Foundations releases.

Join us in a continued support for activities of the Nomina Rosae Foundation – so we can continue to create and carry out new unusual activities, that will widen the knowledge of the beautiful tradition and history of the invaluable Polish culture.

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Become a Benefactor of Nomina Rosae

Thanks to our systematic Benefactors we are able to extend our educational and cultural activities. Through regular donations you create various programmes and actions of Nomina Rosae taking place throughout the year together with us.

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Tax deductions for Nomina Rosae statutory activities

If you decide to support Nomina Rosae Foundation you can also choose to donate for its statutory goals and deduct the donation amount from your taxation base. Natural persons can deduct up to 6% of their income, legal persons – up to 10% of income.

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Bcome a member of the Friends of Nomina Rosae Club

Friends of Nomina Rosae Club is open for anyone interested in the history and culture of Poland. It's goal is to support Foundation's activities. Members of the Friends of Nomina Rosae Club will have an unique opportunity of taking part in exclusive events organized especially for them.

Nomina Rosae Treasury

We are building a culture treasury. Together with our Benefactors we want to build the Nomina Rosae Treasury. Treasury is a fund, that will allow us to create stable funding for educational and cultural programmes of the Foundation.

Support the collection of textiles, antiques and books of Nomina Rosae Foundation

We are constantly expanding our collections – of antique textiles and clothing as well as accessories of all sorts and also of contemporary materials, which we can use to create exquisite costumes. We would like to thank our Benefactors who already have donated valuable items for our collection: undergarments from a 19th-century dowry, antique chasubles, fragments of 18th-, 19th-century, and 1920's fabrics.