Renaissance-styled costumes

We present below photographs of chosen costumes, created for a Vita Cromeri spectacle by Nomina Rosae Theatre. It is an excellent recollection of the atmospehere of the Renaissance period, both of royal court and of a world of Cracow's students around the half of a 16th century. Costumes were designed by Maria Molenda, and tailored in Maymerlin and Nomina Rosae atelier. See also:

Catherine Jagiellon costume (Justyna Stasik).Catherine Jagiellon costume (Justyna Stasik).
Marcin Kromer costume (Jan Korwin Kochanowski).Marcin Kromer costume (Jan Korwin Kochanowski).
Courtiers costumes (Piotr Męderak i Anna Krajewska).Courtiers costumes (Piotr Męderak i Anna Krajewska).
Courtier costume (Józef Więcławek).Courtier costume (Józef Więcławek).
Courtier costume (Maciej Walasek).Courtier costume (Maciej Walasek).
Catherine Jagiellon (Justyna Stasik) with ladies-in-waiting (Katarzyna Sanocka, Anna Krajewska).Catherine Jagiellon (Justyna Stasik) with ladies-in-waiting (Katarzyna Sanocka, Anna Krajewska).