Nomina Rosae Theatre

Taking together fascination of history and beauty of early culture Foundation has created also the Nomina Rosae Theatre, which prepares and carries out plays and spectacles based on masterpieces of polish medieval, renaissance and baroque literature, as well as on early literary and poetic texts in order to spread  the charm of eras gone-by before the viewers. It is the onlu theatre of this kind in Poland.

Theatre prepares plays on comissions of cities, museums and cultural institutions, often connected with important historical anniversaries. Up to this point we habe carried out more than 10 spectacles, which premiered i. a. in the Malbork Castle, in the castle in Ryn (during the Medieval Culture Festival), in the Barbican in Cracow, in the museum in Levoča, Slovakia, in Stary Sącz (Early Music Festival) and Kraków ("On the cultural crossroads" festival). We work with early music ansambles and Sotto le Stelle Courtly Ballet, as well as with Cracow acting school SPOT.

We prepare both big shows and cameral productions.

To order or book a show or play please contact us via +48 603 062 247, +48 509 141 840 phone numbers or via e-mail at