Stańczyk's petty love-affairs

Spectacle prepared for the Historical Museum of Kraków as a part of the Museums' Night, a funny short story about the incidents of the famous jester. King Sigimundus I and Bona's court. A new maiden - Katarzyna - arrives. Beautiful lady-in-waiting quickly bewitches Stańczyk with her charms - the feeling is not mutual, however, because Kasia is in love with a young king's courtsman. Meanwhile, Stańczyk himself is an object of passion of a fearsome and jealous hofmeister-lady...

Script: Donato de Moulin

Choreography: Katarzyna Borstyn (Sotto le Stelle Courtly Ballet)

Actors: Katarzyna Borstyn, Katarzyna Sanocka, Józef Więcławek, Radosław Zalewski, Maciej Walasek, Maria Molenda as well as Krystyna Kosecka as Hofmeister-lady and Rafał Pawłowski as Stańczyk.